Triaxial 测试设备 For Soil

Triaxial 测试设备

Triaxial testing measures a variety of mechanical characteristics within soils. By simulating stress conditions, a pressurized cell is able to determine the shear strength properties of a sample. 执行测试, an undisturbed specimen (usually 38mm to 100mm) is saturated, consolidated 和n sheared. 的 results are seen to be fairly similar to real-life conditions, making the triaxial test one of the most versatile 和 widely performed geotechnical laboratory tests.

洪堡 Triaxial Testing Systems provide state-of-the-art systems specifically designed to control 和 monitor triaxial testing, 如:
• 的 unconsolidated undrained (UU) tests
• 的 consolidated undrained (CU) tests
• 的 unconfined compression (UC) tests
• 的 consolidated drained (CD) tests

的se tests cover the following ASTM st和ards: ASTM D2850, ASTM D2166ASTM D4767.

洪堡 provides an extensive selection of 加载框架, which can be used in triaxial testing applications. 洪堡's Elite Series Load Frames provide the materials testing lab with a choice of three, highly versatile 和 precision-built 加载 systems covering a range of testing applications. 的 HM-5030 is the workhorse of the group, capable of h和ling any testing need up to 50kN or 11,000磅力. 的 HM-5020 is a machine designed specifically for triaxial testing 和 other testing requirements up to 15kN or 3,000磅力. 和 HM-5040 is a heavy-duty machine capable of h和ling testing requirements up to 100kN or 22,000磅力.

洪堡 also provides a simple, 多用途承重架 that can be used for triaxial testing. It is designed for those who want a high-quality load frame without built-in data acquisition capabilities or digital control accessories.

分布板 are also available in both automated 和 manual configurations. 使用d in conjunction with a triaxial pressure controller, 洪堡’s control panels provide an accurate 和 easy-to-operate solution for providing the controls necessary for distributing compressed air, 水, de-aired 水 和 vacuum within an air/水 bladder-type triaxial testing system.

我们也提供 FlexPanels, which provide a simple 和 precise solution for controlling compressed air, 水, de-aired 水 和 vacuum without the need for air/水 bladder interfaces to produce the pressures necessary for triaxial testing. FlexPanels utilize a set of three burettes to control cell, top cap 和 base pedestal pressures.

Complete triaxial sample prep 和 triaxial test consumable 项目 are available 在这里. 的se products can help in test setup, as well as keeping your triaxial testing program running without interruption.

Buy your equipment today or visit our geotechnical testing 和 engineering l和ing page for more in-depth information. 阅读我们的 电子书 on setting up your triaxial systems. If you have questions or need help selecting equipment, please call us at 1.800.544.7220或使用我们的 问洪堡 form.


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